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nvq course overview

The letters NVQ, as you may already know, are the common abbreviation for 'National Vocational Qualification'.

NVQ courses are available to anyone whatever their age, although there are certain requirements (you have to be employed or studying at college whilst doing a part-time job or be in a work placement). It is also possible in some cases to do an NVQ course whilst at school.



Your NVQ course can be done in either an education or work setting, or indeed as part of an apprenticeship.

Depending on the subject, NVQs on the National Qualifications Framework are available from Level 1, which focuses on basic work activities, to Level 5 for senior management. The levels are broadly equivalent as follows:

LEVEL 1 = 3-4 GCSEs at grades D-G
LEVEL 2 = 4-5 GCSEs at grades A-C
LEVEL 3 = 2 'A' Levels
LEVEL 4 = Higher Education Certificate / BTEC
LEVEL 5 = Higher Education Diploma / Foundation Degree

Although there is no set time limit to complete your NVQ and you are free to work at your own pace, most people find it takes them about one year to gain an NVQ level 1, NVQ level 2 or NVQ level 3.


nvq course providers

Qualifications & Curriculum Authority approved assessment centres can be found at most colleges and universities and within the NHS.

There are also many private companies approved to provide NVQs within their specialist sectors.

Some companies are able to offer NVQ courses in several different sectors.

nvq courses

You will find an NVQ course available in almost every business and public service sector. There are several 100s of NVQs to choose from, some of the most popular subjects in 2023-2024 being in the areas of:

• Care NVQ
• Health NVQ
• Social Care NVQ
• Teaching NVQ
• Childcare NVQ
• Plumbing NVQ
• Hairdressing NVQ
• Administration NVQ
• Management NVQ
• Catering NVQ
• Construction NVQ


Don't forget - YOU MAY WELL QUALIFY TO DO A FREE NVQ COURSE, often from home or online!



nvq assessors jobs

Vacancies for NVQ assessors exist nationwide and in most sectors.

The job of the assessor is to assess anyone working towards their NVQ, ensuring that they meet all the necessary standards required.

An assessor may work for a training provider or educational establishment. They may also be based within a particular company where NVQs are taken by members of staff, although this would normally tend to be a larger company that has the resources to support such a scheme.


nvq awarding organisations

There are more than 200 recognised NVQ & QCF awarding organisations offering course qualifications in the UK.

Between them these organisations offer courses in almost every sector and every location.


nvq sectors

Accounting & Finance



Animal Care & Veterinary Science

Archaeology & Archaeological Sciences

Building & Construction

Business Management

Child Development & Well-Being

Crafts, Creative Arts & Design

Direct Learning Support


Environmental Conservation

Foundations For Learning & Life

Health & Social Care

Horticulture & Forestry

Hospitality & Catering

ICT For Users

ICT Practitioners

Languages, Literature & Culture Of The British Isles

Law & Legal Services

Manufacturing Technologies

Marketing & Sales

Mathematics & Statistics

Media & Communication

Medicine & Dentistry

Nursing & Subjects & Vocations Allied To Medicine

Other Languages, Literature & Culture

Performing Arts

Preparation For Work

Public Services

Publishing & Information Services

Retailing & Wholesaling Science

Service Enterprises

Sociology & Social Policy

Sport, Leisure & Recreation

Teaching & Lecturing

Theology & Religious Studies

Transportation Operations & Maintenance

Travel & Tourism

Urban, Rural & Regional Planning

Warehousing & Distribution