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NVQ courses in:

2D Computer Aided Design
3D Computer Aided Design
Additive Manufacturing
Aeronautical Engineering
Air-conditioning Equipment Engineering Technology
Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology
Aircraft Manufacture
Arc Welding
Arc Welding
Automotive Clay Modelling
Blacksmithing & Metalworking
Brazing & Soldering
Building Energy Management Systems
Business Improvement Techniques
Cabling Installations
Casting Technology
Clock & Watch Servicing
Composite Engineering
Compressed Gases Safety
Cost Engineering
Cycle Maintenance
Cycle Maintenance & Repair
Designing Water Networks
Distribution Control
Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technology
Electrical Installation
Electrical Power Engineering
Employment Rights & Responsibilities
Engineering Maintenance
Engineering Maintenance on Military Vehicles & Equipment
Engineering Operations
Engineering Technology
Engineering Toolmaking
Engineering Woodworking Pattern & Model Making
Equipment Maintenance Engineering
F-GAS & ODS Regulations
Fabrication & Welding
Fabrication & Welding Engineering Technology
Foundation Measurement
Gas Welding
Geometrical Tolerancing
Ground Water Treatment
High Integrity Welding
Industrial Environment Awareness
Installation & Commissioning
Installing Consumer Electrical Products
Installing Engineering Construction Plant & Systems
Laser Safety
Leakage Control
Leakage Detection
Maintain Water Supply Network
Maintaining & Repairing Baton Gun Systems
Maintaining & Repairing Weapon Systems
Maintenance Engineering Technology
Managing & Controlling Process Operations
Manufacturing of Vehicles with Electric Drive Systems
Marine Construction Systems Engineering & Maintenance
Marine Engineering
Maritime Studies
Materials Processing & Finishing
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering
Metal Processing & Allied Operations



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  • forestry nvq forestry nvq
  • childcare nvq childcare nvq
  • welding nvq welding nvq
  • forklift nvq forklift nvq
  • science nvq science nvq
  • manufacturing nvq manufacturing nvq
  • administration nvq administration nvq
  • media nvq media nvq
  • farming nvq farming nvq
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  • marketing nvq marketing nvq
  • business nvq business nvq
  • vet nvq vet nvq
  • performing arts nvq performing arts nvq
  • driving nvq driving nvq
  • lecturing nvq lecturing nvq
  • building nvq building nvq



Metals Industries Processes
Monitoring the Water Environment
Motorsport Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
New Product Design & Development
Nuclear Decommissioning
Nuclear Power Plant Operations
Overhead Lines Engineering
Oxy-fuel Gas Equipment Inspection
Parachute Maintenance & Packing
Parametric Modelling
Pipework Systems Mechanical Engineering Technology
Power Plant Maintenance
Process Engineering Maintenance
Product Design & Development
Programmable Logic Controllers
Project Control
Radiation Protection
Railway Engineering
Refrigeration Equipment Engineering Technology
Renewable Energy AwarenessResearch & Development
Restoration & Conservation of Clocks & Watches
Sewerage & Drainage
Sewerage Maintenance
Signmaking & Associated Industries
Sludge Treatment
Small Bore Tubing Assemblies
Smart Metering
Steel Erecting
Substation Plant Engineering
Surface Water Treatment
Survival Equipment Maintenance
Thermal & Plasma Cutting
Treatment Process Operations
Underground Cables Engineering
Utilities Metering
Utilities Network Planning & Management
Vehicle Fitting Principles
Waste Water Treatment
Water Engineering
Water Supply Regulations & Water Byelaws in the Uk
Weapons Engineering Maintenance
Welding Engineering Construction Pipework
Welding Fume Hazard Control
Welding Skills
Wind Turbine Engineering Installation & Commissioning
Woodworking Pattern & Model Making



nvq sectors

Accounting & Finance



Animal Care & Veterinary Science

Archaeology & Archaeological Sciences

Building & Construction

Business Management

Child Development & Well-Being

Crafts, Creative Arts & Design

Direct Learning Support


Environmental Conservation

Foundations For Learning & Life

Health & Social Care

Horticulture & Forestry

Hospitality & Catering

ICT For Users

ICT Practitioners

Languages, Literature & Culture Of The British Isles

Law & Legal Services

Manufacturing Technologies

Marketing & Sales

Mathematics & Statistics

Media & Communication

Medicine & Dentistry

Nursing & Subjects & Vocations Allied To Medicine

Other Languages, Literature & Culture

Performing Arts

Preparation For Work

Public Services

Publishing & Information Services

Retailing & Wholesaling Science

Service Enterprises

Sociology & Social Policy

Sport, Leisure & Recreation

Teaching & Lecturing

Theology & Religious Studies

Transportation Operations & Maintenance

Travel & Tourism

Urban, Rural & Regional Planning

Warehousing & Distribution